"If a rider sees a photo I've taken of someone else and thinks "I want a photo of me like that", then I've done my job"
I'm Jason, and this is the statement which best sums up my approach to photography. I aim to make those I capture feel proud to be the subject of one of my images, and to want a copy to be framed and hanging on their wall!
Working with a number of riders in the paddock, I provide images for use in social media feeds, newsletters, sponsorship packages and more - so if you're a rider or a team and you need action images (or a more documentary style from around the pits/paddock) then get in touch. Let's work together and let me show you at your best - which will keep those all-important sponsors happy, and could attract new support as well!!
Seeing the highs and lows of motorcycle racing first-hand as a fan gave me the bug to try and capture the excitement and tears that the sport brings. I started with an old Kodak instamatic camera with next to no functions or settings at all, apart from the shutter release - so that meant developing a good panning technique was essential from a very young age! I should make it clear, that all images here have been taken from the spectator areas and without any media accreditation access areas.
I use the shots in magazines as my inspiration, as well as my love for 'street' and 'documentary' styles of photography. I try to get slightly different images to what everyone else does. I like the smell and feel of sleeping in the back of a van surrounded by the other riders and bikes. I like the emotion that the competitors have. I love the speed and the bravery shown by the riders, racing on the edge of physics. These are some of the things that I try to capture.
2022 saw me follow the BSB circus around the country, and allowed me to build my portfolio and improve the quality of the shots. There were many highlights for me. The year started out with a candid shot of Lissy Whitmore at the start of her first full BSB season, which led to me getting to know her, her team and family over the course of the season. And at the end, I was really mega proud to have been asked by the 2022 champion, Brad Ray for a canvas print of one of my shots of his title winning season. Most of all, it's been an addiction for me - to try and get those shots that the riders, their families and their teams really love.
I'm really pleased, and proud that the top riders of BSB like and share my images with their followers. I would love to be able to support up and coming riders by providing images for use on social media and material for your sponsors at whatever level you are at on your career journey. I know that costs are important at all levels, but especially in the support classes where you often are working a 'normal' day job to earn as much money as you can to plough back into your racing. So I do have options to support any level.
It would be great to hear what you think of these images, and to hear your feedback on the never-ending journey to improve. This journey can be followed on this website or on Instagram at @photostrada, so give me a follow.
If you would like me to provide your images for your website or social media, please do get in touch to discuss via the contact form, give me a call or ping me a message.
See you trackside soon, where I'll be Chasin' the Racin'!
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