At some point during 2022, Isle of Man TT racer, Dom Herbertson had a chat with his great mate Chrissy Rouse. Both had brought Chrissy's vision of a motorcycle podcast, Chasin' the Racin' to fruition, and this time Chrissy's advice to Dom was to get involved with the new BMW Motorrad F900R Cup series in 2023. The aim being to get some all important bike time in preparation for Dom's attack on the Road Racing season and the North West 200 and Isle of Man TT amongst others.
I'm the last person to be able to tell you anything much about the series, or the bike, but at the bottom of this page, Dom shares his first impressions at the start of season in a video which is much more informative! For my part, 2023 is a season where I'll also be Chasin' the Racin' and trying to pull together a few of my shots of Dom's season to document his journey in the BMW Cup series.
For those who don't know who Dom is, then follow his season here and get to know him a bit better - and if anyone out there is in a position to help out with a bit of financial backing, then there's space for a few stickers on the bike and leathers.... so let him know and contact him on his socials (Facebook, Instagram or twitter)!
In the meantime, the images below are just some of those available in a dedicated "photo-book/photo-diary" of Dom's 2013 season in the BSB paddock. Spread over 96 pages, proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to Dom to support his racing in the 2024 season where he'll be racing on the roads for Burrow Engineering. Copies are available for £25 from Amazon via the button below.
2023 R9: Donington park
This weekend wasn't about Dom. It was about unfinished business at Donington Park. 
It was about Chrissy.
A battered and bruised Dom, riding with an injured heel (combined with racing at the ManxGP meaning missing the last two rounds), went through the pain barrier and numerous buckets of ice to finish Chrissy's race. There was more than a tear to two seeing Dom finish the race, and give the "that was for you mate" sign to Chrissy as he crossed the line. It meant a lot.
2023 R6: Thruxton
Behind the scenes shot here, which actually captures so much. Dom's leathers, crumpled like they are kneeling and behind, there's Dom's ever faithful mechanic, "Piggy" also kneeling and working on the bike set-up. 
Added to all of this, clearly visible on Dom's leathers is the Chrissy Rouse logo. Chrissy having Dom's back.
Sometimes, it's the simple pictures which mean the most.
2023 R6: Thruxton
Looking super quicker (and actually being super quick!), Dom had a pretty good Thruxton meeting. Consistently running top 10's, Saturday morning saw the weather take a turn for the worse for qualifying and rain falling. This saw Dom qualify for the Heat 1 race (again!), and securing a 5th place finish. 
In the main feature race, a 9th place grid start was turned into a 6th place finish which is impressive in itself - but as this is Dom's first time racing at Thruxton, it's even more impressive.
2023 R5: Brands Hatch
If ever a rider was built to feel at home in the trees surrounding Brands Hatch, then it's the woodsman, Dom Herbertson! 
Another Heat 1 start in the same group as Championship leader, Richard Cooper, Dom started the wet race getting a feel for the grip levels and then moving at a rate of knots through the field to finish 4th. Due to the conditions, the race was cut from 8 to 7 laps, and on the last lap, Dom was closing on his first podium but the finish line came just too soon - had it gone the full 8 laps, he'd have got that 3rd place!
2023 R5: Brands Hatch
The first time Dom has ridden the Brands Hatch GP circuit in anger, and he experienced all the weathers the iconic track could muster. "I love it. Everywhere. I love all of it" was the feedback after day 1.
Qualifying saw Dom bag another top 10 position, underlining his consistency he's shown throughout the season so far.
2023 R4: snetterton
A real solid performance from Dom throughout the weekend through practice, qualifying and topped off with a 5th in the Race 1 heat - at one point was as high as 3rd in a close fought battle for the last podium slot.
The 5th place and time left Dom with a 10th place start in the main feature race on the Sunday, which sadly ended with a first DNF of the season. However, this was Dom's first time racing on the Snetterton 300 layout, so plenty of positives to be taken (although a racer ALWAYS wants more!).
Onwards and upwards, and on to the next round at Brands Hatch, another track Dom has yet to race at. Plus it's the rather gorgeous GP layout...
2023 R3: donington park
Learning and improving at every round, identifying improvements that can be made to the bike, and still consistently running in the top 10.
Round 3 saw the BMW F900R cup support the British round of the World Superbike Championship in front of a full house on the Sunday for the main race. 
There's a chance that this shot just could be made available as a limited edition contact me to be kept up to date with details!
2023 R2: oulton park
For personal reasons, I'm just so glad I nailed this one. A year almost to the day before, at pretty much this exact same spot (all bar about 6 inches) I took a shot almost identical to this of Dom's great friend, Chrissy Rouse. You can see it over in Chrissy's gallery from 2022 R2. 
For me, and the old romantic in me, it just feels right to have been able to catch these two great mates in an almost identical shot - kind of puts them together again?
Anyway, last round for Dom on the short circuits for a bit as he's now off to ride in the North West 200 and Isle of Man TT road races. So wishing him all the best in the world, and looking forward to seeing him back in the BSB paddock at Donington Park for Round 3 of the BMW F900R Cup championship. He was flying round there in pre-season!
2023 R2: Oulton PArk
I don't think this page is going to have a dedicated 'Piggy' watch section for the year, but then never say never.
Was really interested in whatever it was Piggy was thinking here, and who he was looking at!
Sizing up the opposition, checking out the track conditions, or giving someone the evil-eye? Could be anything, but at least he was keeping his hand warm with a quick game of pocket billiards...
2023 R2: oulton park
Well, the weather was less than ideal for round two with rain affecting every day of the three day meeting. This meant some sessions weren't even worth heading out on track for. And lack of track time affects lap times.
Dear Leap, just at the start of the start/finish line, is an amazing place to watch motorcycles, and this shot shows how close Dom was to the inside barrier - just framed nicely by the barrier and the advertising hoarding. 
2023 R1: Silverstone
You know, because I don't get the chance to go to the roads, I though Dom would be one of those riders I look up to who I'd just never get to photograph in action. So now he's in the BSB paddock in 2023 competing in the BMW F900R Cup, I'm making the most of it! 
This was, believe it or not, originally a "throw away shot" that I thought didn't cut the mustard. However, looking at it again a few days later, I shared with Dom and he loved it. And I've come around to it. Who doesn't love a chequered flag shot, right? This was from one of the Friday practice sessions I think, but hopefully at some point in the '23 season he'll be leading over the line to take that flag. 
Just need to work out how to stop Richard Cooper......although I have just found this bag of cement...haha!! 
2023 R1: Silverstone
Intention for Dom taking part in the BMW Motorrad F900R Cup is to both gain valuable track time in preparation for his Road Racing calander. But it is also to help to raise his profile and attract as much sponsorship and financial support as possible to help contribute toward his 2023 racing season. 
To give an idea to any potential financial supporter, this shot shows how on-point Dom can be as a brand ambassador - so let him know and see how you can help! 
2023 R1: Silverstone
Behind every great rider, is a great mechanic. And Dom is lucky enough to have "Avon brand ambassador", Piggy in his corner. 
A complexion and youthful looks like this takes work, and plenty of sparkling cream from Avon - although we thought he'd been sent out for new tyres. What can you do.....?
2023 R1: Silverstone
Let's. Go. Racing! The 2023 season is go!
First race weekend of the year, and Dom was consistently quick in each session. Qualified for heat 1, and progressed to the main feature race in P9 on the grid. A strong start pushed Dom up to 6th before progressing through to what turned out to be a bit of a lonely 4th place finish behind Richard Cooper, Thomas Strudwick and Michael Rutter. 18 points on the board is a mega start to the season, and there looks to be loads of fun ahead in this class!
2023 Pre-Season Test: Donington Park
A first official test on the BMW F900R, and a difficult weekend for so many reasons. 
Sketchy weather meant that track conditions were less than ideal, and it was cold. Hence the 'Gillet' being worn by the usually hard as nails Dom here! 
The sessions were run over Saturday and Sunday with the Junior SuperStock 600 class, and despite the conditions, Dom was absolutely amazing and clocked in as 3rd fastest overall for the weekend. A mega start to the season ahead. Lots learnt about the bike, and a list of alterations to be made to make it super-competitive.

2023 Pre-Season Test: Donington Park
First shot off the camera from me, and it's a keeper!
Super style here, and Dom is looking mega cool. Speeds were super fast, and so pleased to see the lad running right up at the front over the weekend test. 
The negative, is that with this shot I think I've set the bar high for the rest of the season! Super proud beyond words to have had this shot chosen as a thumbnail for the video of Dom's first impressions of the bike by the Chasin' the Racin' team. Personally, I don't think it gets any better than that, and I'm mega stoked to have been able to help in any small way. See the video below!

The first impressions of the new bike...
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