Really pleased that Jack Kennedy has, at last, been given a chance of a full season on a competitive British SuperBike with the Martrain Yamaha R1, supplied and supported by Raceways Yamaha (aka McAms Yamaha) in a similar way to how OMG Racing were supported in 2022.
Lets see how Jack get's on through the year. It's gonna be a helluva ride!!
2023 R5:snetterton

2023 R3: donington park
Jack continues to have a strong first proper season in British Superbike, and continued his consistent top 10 form. He did have a couple of niggling offs, which would have been frustrating, but in order to find where the limit is, sometimes you have to go right up to that line - which can mean occasionally you just tip over it. 
Jack is an absolute quality rider, and he's already showing a clean pair of heels to some riders with much more experience than he has in this class. Looking like being a cracking year!
2023 R2: oulton park
Full on attack mode out of the box from Jack, and building on his first round, more of the same at Oulton Park. More improvements overall with the bike, and you can see Jack is getting dialled in with the R1. 
As an example of the level Jack is at, you easily forget that this is his first full proper season in SuperBike - it kind of feels like he's been here forever!
The weather hampered any significant improvements, but steps forward made - and I love this shot!
2023 R1: silverstone
Round 1 at Silverstone saw Jack Kennedy embark on arguably his first "proper" full tilt at the British Superbike Championship on a competitive bike. Right from the get-go Jack was right up amongst the very fastest riders at the front of the timesheets, and earning himself a front row start in the process.
All in all, a really good first round of the year, and the bike is looking mint!

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