I first became aware of Chloe just before the start of the 2019 season, when I came across a tweet on social media from her saying how she was to be starting her first full season within the British Championship. As I recall, I think I sent a message along the lines of asking how excited was she, which she was really kind enough to reply (the answer was 'very' excited!). Since then, I've kept an eye on her progress through the Hel Performance British Junior Supersport championship, where she had some excellent results. A 7th in the rain at Snetterton spring to mind. 
Being a young rider just starting out on a racing career, from my perspective, I thought it would be interesting to follow Chloe photographically on her journey. As long as my memory isn't playing tricks on me, I think her first race of that first full season was at Silverstone, which I managed to attend. If I'm honest, I think I've developed as a motorsport photographer alongside Chloe's racing progression. I can see an improvement in her riding, as I can see an improvement in my images since 2019. I know that Chloe and her family have liked a number of my shots of her in action, and her support for my photography through her comments on my own social media have really been gratefully received. It's always nice (and humbling!) when someone loves a photo you've taken of them. Feels like "job done"!
2022 - R3: Donington Park
The third round at Donington Park didn't go as planned for Chloe due to illness. In some way, knowing that makes seeing her dispatch what is commonly known as 'the Doctor's dangle', all the more poignant. 
Even battling illness, Chloe was able to fight through and make improvements with the bike. She has shown in the previous two rounds that she's not one to be beaten, and will come back at the next rounds stronger than ever.
2022 - Round 2: Oulton Park
I like the darker tone on this action shot of Chloe Jones giving it full throttle across the line at Oulton Park during FP 1 at the second round of the Pirelli Junior Supersport championship.
This is a new class, a new bike, and in this instance, a new track as well. However, Chloe went quicker in each session, and ended up with a personal best lap in her last race of the weekend - which is a fantastic performance.
Chloe Jones. 2022 - Round 1: Silverstone
Focus is evident here from Chloe Jones in her first competitive outing on the Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha R6 after making the step up from the Junior Supersport championship.
As you can see from this shot, Chloe is a stylish rider, and the paint job on the bike looks mint! 2022 will mean a lot to learn for this young rider, and I'm going to try and capture her progress here - but please do follow her progress and show your support on her social media channels on Facebook at /chloejonesracing15 on Instagram @chloejonesracing and on Twitter @chloejonesrac15.
2022 - Round 1: SIlverstone
Chloe Jones showing a clean pair of heels to Jake Campbell in the very first outing of 2022 on her brand new bike, the Yamaha R6.​​​​​​​
2022 - Round 1: Silverstone
This is one of my personal favourites, and shows the smooth style that Chloe has on the bike. Wasn't an easy one to get, as the location on the track has a mass of wired fencing, but I found a small 'rip' in the fence and just had to try and get the shot at just the right time. Thankfully, I think I nailed it here.

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