I first became aware of Chloe just before the start of the 2019 season, when I came across a tweet on social media from her saying how she was to be starting her first full season within the British Championship. As I recall, I think I sent a message along the lines of asking how excited was she, which she was really kind enough to reply (the answer was 'very' excited!). Since then, I've kept an eye on her progress through the Hel Performance British Junior Supersport championship, where she had some excellent results. A 7th in the rain at Snetterton springs to mind. 
Being a young rider just starting out on a racing career, from my perspective, I thought it would be interesting to follow Chloe photographically on her journey. As long as my memory isn't playing tricks on me, I think her first race of that first full season was at Silverstone, which I managed to attend. If I'm honest, I think I've developed as a motorsport photographer alongside Chloe's racing progression. I can see an improvement in her riding, as I can see an improvement in my images since 2019. 
Please do follow Chloe's progress and show your support on her social media channels on Facebook at /chloejonesracing15 on Instagram @chloejonesracing and on Twitter @chloejonesrac15. If you, or your business, are in a position to help support Chloe, then do get in contact with her via her social media.
2022 - R11: Brands Hatch
Final round of the season, and I hope that I've managed to record Chloe's season in a good way. I think that this has probably been one of Chloe's more difficult seasons, stepping up to the Junior SuperStock 600 class with OMG Racing. The Yamaha R6 being a new bike, with new electronics to try and figure out and come to terms with. 
With all of those factors meaning every circuit effectively became a new track, Chloe has done incredibly to build valuable experience. It may not feel like it right now at the end of 2022 for her, but the experiences of this season will hold her in good stead for future seasons.
In the final race of the year, Chloe managed to fight her way from a 35th place start to finish a long season with a 29th place finish.
Hopefully, Chloe will be back on the grid within the BSB paddock for another season in 2023 - and I'll be using the experience that I've built this season to try and capture her 2023 season diary 
2022 - R10: Donington Park GP
Super pleased with this shot, as I really like how although the weather is clearly really sunny, the track and surroundings remain quite dark. Which I think really compliment the black and gold of of the Yamaha R6.
Just the one race at this round for the Junior SuperStock class, and Chloe was disappointed with a 31st place start. After a number of near misses, and the bike just not handling anywhere near how it should, Chloe made the difficult but correct decision to pull in after 9 laps.
The whole weekend was overshadowed by an incident in another class, which put into perspective how every rider puts everything on the line. Personally, I'm in absolute awe of every single one.
2022 - R9: Oulton Park
Race 1 start from 26th on the grid brought a 24th place finish. While in race 2, Chloe battled up to 22nd after another 26th place start. With the year drawing to a close, the weather was typically British over the weekend with very patchy conditions. 
For some sessions, the track was mostly dry and screaming out for dry tyres, but then the final sector remained wet enough for wet tyres! 
This shot just about captures the sun, the feeling of warmth, yet the wet track - doesn't actually give any indication of how cold it actually was!
2022 - R8: Snetterton
Tough weekend for Chloe, after a bit of a run of bad luck. This weekend, with one race, she made an excellent start, but was thwarted by an issue with the clutch at T3 meaning a retirement due to mechanical issues. 
These weekends are so tough to take, and I think Chloe was absolutely gutted. But mechanical issues are a part of motorcycle racing. The bike can be and will be fixed, and no doubt Chloe will be ready to go again at Oulton Park in the next round.
Gotta say, the new black paint job on the bike looks absolutely mint though! Loving it!!
2022 - R8: Snetterton
Mixed conditions across the weekend, and a bit of a dark cloud hanging over the event and the country with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
Chloe looking a bit like a movie star here as she exits the 'Bomb Hole' corner.
2022 - R7: Cadwell Park
If you're paying attention, you'll spot that Chloe has reverted back to the 'old' blue and yellow helmet here, plus there's something just not quite right about the number 15? 
I always love a clear visor shot, and you can clearly see Chloe is maybe slightly less than happy? A tough weekend with a couple of spills and a technical issue. So all of this contributed to a need to pull out the old lid, and patch up the bike as best as possible Great work, though, from everyone involved with the OMG Racing team!
On to the next round, and fingers crossed for a change in fortune.
2022 - R7: Cadwell Park
Cadwell Park is one of the iconic racetracks in the UK, with the famous 'mountain' section. This shot of Chloe was taken just after she landed after going over the crest of the hill, and you'll be able to see that like most riders, the front and back wheels aren't quite in line!
Cause of many an accident, Chloe took this in her stride. Effectively, this was a new track for Chloe as this was her first time at Cadwell Park on the Yamaha R6.
A lot learnt I'm sure, and progress made.
2022 - R6: Thruxton
Really like the colours on this shot, taken at Thruxton in what was just unbelievable heat all weekend! The evening glow of the setting sun really helps the colours "pop" here, and as ever, Chloe looks smooth, stylish and totally focused.
I love this shot so much that it now hangs on my wall. And I've been very lucky in being able to get Chloe to sign the print for me too!
2022 - R5: Brands Hatch
Apparently, right from the get-go, Chloe struggled with front-end issue with the bike, and her team weren't able to find the cause of the issue. Ultimately, on the penultimate lap of her last race, the front end finally gave way causing this crash at Stirlings Bend. 
Thankfully, Chloe only had a few bumps and bruises - the bike did flip, so needed didn't fare as well but the awesome "Bubba" will get things nailed on for the next round at Thruxton.
2022 - R5: Brands Hatch
The eagle-eyed among you will see that there's something slightly different about Chloe in this image... A change in helmet design, with flashes of pink meaning Chloe really stands out on track.
A close crop on this shot, which has turned out mega, to give that feeling of determination. Really like how it feels like the bike is coming straight at you. 
I absolutely love it, and I hope Chloe loves it as much as I do!
2022 - R3: Donington Park
A focused rider, with the eyes like laser beams dialled in on the next corner ahead. What you can't see here is just how much Chloe was struggling to breath in her helmet due to illness.
Racing motorcycles is difficult at the best of times, but when you are struggling to breath and you've been drained of all your strength, it's almost impossible. 
All these factors make Chloe's achievements for the round even more impressive, and she'll be back stronger for the next round.
2022 - R3: Donington Park
A really good shot showing the speed and power of these machines going through 'Starkeys Bridge' at Donington Park.
This angle just looks so stylish to me, and quite graceful, which glosses over the detail of one of the fastest parts of the circuit. 
2022 - R3: Donington Park
The third round at Donington Park didn't go as planned for Chloe due to illness. In some way, knowing that makes seeing her dispatch what is commonly known as 'the Doctor's dangle', all the more poignant. 
Even battling illness, Chloe was able to fight through and make improvements with the bike. She has shown in the previous two rounds that she's not one to be beaten, and will come back at the next rounds stronger than ever.
2022 - Round 2: Oulton Park
I like the darker tone on this action shot of Chloe Jones giving it full throttle across the line at Oulton Park during FP 1 at the second round of the Pirelli Junior Supersport championship.
This is a new class, a new bike, and in this instance, a new track as well. However, Chloe went quicker in each session, and ended up with a personal best lap in her last race of the weekend - which is a fantastic performance.
2022 - Round 2: Oulton Park
This shot is one I have probably had more comments about than any other image!
The lighting, and the dark canopy all help to give that impression of the bike actually being a movie start on the red carpet at a movie premier. The red plate for the number really 'pops' with the yellow number 15.
The R6 looks stunning, and the white, Rich Energy colour scheme really sets if off perfectly, and ensures that Chloe looks stylish out on track, as you can see from the other images on this page.
Chloe Jones. 2022 - Round 1: Silverstone
Focus is evident here from Chloe Jones in her first competitive outing on the Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha R6 after making the step up from the Junior Supersport championship.
As you can see from this shot, Chloe is a stylish rider, and the paint job on the bike looks mint! 2022 will mean a lot to learn for this young rider, and I'm going to try and capture her progress here.

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