2022 - R11: brands hatch
A final round at home, Brands Hatch being just a few miles up the road for Wardy (and me as well as it goes!), and this shot of a rider smoking it into a turn is fast becoming one of my favourites. You can actually see the smoke here from the rear end of the Aprilia.
It's been immense following Wardy this year, and trying to grab some banging shots of the boss in action. Possibly more than any other rider, I can see my own progression most with this collection of shots.
As is clear from my comments against these images, I'm really hoping that 2023 can see Wardy on competitive machinery, as I'm convinced he's got a title in him - so anyone out there who can, go touch base with him and see how you can sponsor one of the next British Champions.
2022 - R10: donington Park
Full lean angle here, as Wardy puts in yet another mega performance on the Aprilia. Battled in both races for the podium, but tyre wear seemed to just get the better as each race went on. 
Hopefully, if there's any justice in the world of motorcycle racing, it's performances like this which will make teams in the SuperStock and SuperBike paddock sit up and recognise Wardy's immense talent, speed and consistency.
2022 - R9: Oulton Park
A different take here, with a portrait of Tom with a dark tone edit. This was taken just after his great friend, Bradley Ray had just won the first Superbike race and Tom was keen to celebrate with his mate.
I actually really love this shot. At first I didn't like I'd cut the top of his head off slightly, and the left of the image as well. However, the more I look at it, the more I think those things "make" the image. It's got some kind of BBC4 Scandinavian crime drama feel about it! It was this shot that brought home to me how much I've learnt and improved this season.
2022 - R8: Snetterton
Wardy's trademark wheelie and V salute here.
The Aprilia looked right on the pace, but a first lap incident at T2, where Wardy ended up with a fellow rider on the back of his bike, meant that he was a good 4 seconds behind the back of the field. A safety car helped, but Wardy had the pace, and aggression, to fight through the field to get up to 9th place. Another lap or so and it could have been a 6th. 
If it weren't for that first lap incident, then a podium finish looked nailed on. 
2022 - R7: Cadwell Park
Going all artistic with this shot, which I love. Wardy here caught in action just being framed by an overhanging tree.
Wardy is a beast at wheelies so I'd initially wanted to get a shot of him flying over the mountain section - but this shot just has something about it. Really stoked how the branches of the tree have fallen just perfect.
2022 - R6: Thruxton
Fastest track on the calendar, and although the Aprilia went well, top 10 was the best with the abrasive surface meaning high tyre wear.
Tom was really getting every ounce of performance out of the bike, and the comparison to the other Aprilia on the grid shows just how good a ride he puts in time and time again.
2022 - R5: Brands Hatch
Elbows out, and full gas. "Giddy up" as Wardy is proper giving it the full berries here at Brands Hatch.
2022 - R3: Donington Park
The front wheel of the Aprilia pawing at the air at Donington Park on the exit of Mcleans in the National SuperStock championship. Really consistent style with Oulton Parks! Successful weekend with Wardy getting on the podium!
2022 - R2: Oulton Park
The front wheel of the Aprilia pawing at the air at Oulton Park in the National SuperStock championship.

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