Through my photography, I try to help support riders in the paddock in their careers. Due to its very nature, motorcycle racing is a very expensive sport for both the teams and the riders. A very common misconception amongst race fans is that once a rider signs for a team they've "made it" and they're on the payroll. Within the whole of the British Superbike Paddock this is very rarely the case.
Whilst the team would usually provide the actual bike, it is still down to the rider to pay for a number of things such as two sets of leathers, two crash helmets gloves etc. Plus, that bike doesn't come totally for free. There is usually a fee the rider has to pay each year in order to "buy their seat". 
As you can imagine, costs soon build up and so riders have to find ways to find these costs. This is where personal sponsorship comes into play. This can be anything from a business providing a sum of money in return for their logo being proudly displayed in front of 50,000 bike fans every other week on a rider's leathers or crash helmet, right down to an individual who joins a fan club, or makes a one off donation, or sponsor a race/fuel/tyres for a set amount.
Links below are for riders I've tried to help with providing images for their social media and their use, and/or where I've also been able to contribute a small amount towards keeping them on the grid. To give an idea, £85 pays for the fuel for one round. £125 can pay for a 'trackday' which is essential for a rider to hone their skills and improve their performance on the bike. Each of these riders also has some form of fan club or go-fund me type option, or a 'fan wall' where for a small payment you get your name and/or photo on the rider's pit garage wall!
I do know money is tight for everyone, but if you can afford to make some kind of donation, the who knows... You could be supporting one of Britain's next World Champions. And I can promise you - these guys and girls remember, and they are really genuinely really appreciative for any help. So get involved and support the riders who bring so much excitement!
chasin' the racin'
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dom herbertson
Dom is, at the time of writing, one of only 24 people who have ever lived to complete a lap of the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course at an average speed of over 130mph. He's also one the the nicest people you could wish to meet. 
Fully loaded up with hair-gel and Oakley shades, he spent 2023 in the BSB paddock racing in the BMW F900R Cup, and when he wasn't doing that, he was a consistent front runner at his first love, real road racing. You can keep up to date with his racing exploits and his hosting of Chasin' the Racin' on FaceBook at Dom Herbertson or on Instagram @dom_herbertson
chloe jones
Riding in the British Junior SuperSport championship since she was 15 years old, in 2023, Chloe Jones became the ONLY female rider to ever achieve a podium finish in a Junior SuperSport race with a 2nd place at Oulton Park in September 2023. One of the leading and fastest female motorcycle racers in the UK, Chloe has and continues to inspire the next generation of female racers who continue to prove their speed and talent. You can support her by joining her 'Club15' for £51 or become a main personal sponsor through one of a number of packages available - if you can help out, then contact her via Chloe Jones Racing on Facebook.
lissy whitmore
Lissy is one of the funniest and friendliest people you could ever wish to meet. If you've got a business, then if you were to get involved in support her, I can promise you, she's the best sales person for your brand you could wish to have! Go find out more about her and support her at Lissy Whitmore Racing
Yet another rider from the Lincolnshire production line. Super talented young rider who has really improved through 2022, aided in part with a move to the Yamaha R6 which looks to be a perfect match for his style.
With a change in discipline to the Super Moto series, Kier is definitely a rider to add to your "ones to watch" list. As with every rider, if you or your business are in a position to be able to offer some help, then let Kier know. Small financial donations really go a long way, as do being able to help out with services or products. Follow his racing at Kier Armstrong Racing
JT23 Race Clothing
Clothing to be worn at the track, or at home - stylish clothing by an independent new clothing company. Not only can you get some awesome hats, caps, t-shirts and hoodies, but JT23 Race Clothing can also provide riders and teams with unique clothing and merchandise - so go check out the current range and drop Jim a line to see what he can do for you!
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